We3 - Amazing



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  1. remember (steve swallow) 6:04
  2. amazing (steve swallow) 7:38
  3. in f (steve swallow) 4:26
  4. free ballad #1 (liebman-nussbaum-swallow) 2:52
  5. my maia (adam nussbaum) 8:52
  6. get out of town (cole porter) 6:34
  7. bend over backwards (steve swallow) 7:28
  8. swallowish (dave liebman) 6:14
  9. free beguine #1 (liebman-nussbaum-swallow) 3:01
  10. sure would baby (adam nussbaum) 5:10
  11. latin like (dave liebman) 5:12

dave liebman soprano & tenor sax, flutes
steve swallow bass
adam nussbaum drums

recorded at jay andersons' studio, ny, june 21st, 2010

kind of blue 10045


Liebman, Nussbaum and Swallow have played together, on and off for over 30 years. They decided to celebrate this by writing 10 originals for this project - the other cut is a Steve Swallow arrangement of Cole Porter’s “Get Out Of Town” - where they explored the boundaries of modern jazz composition. Writing for a chordless trio was challenging in its own right but as Dave Liebman puts it: “When you play with musicians of this calibre, there is little difference from playing set pieces to playing free improvisations.”


The members of We3 (Dave Liebman: saxophones and flutes; Steve Swallow: electric bass and Adam Nussbaum: drums) are all veterans willing to step out of their comfort zones... We3's music has the relaxed amiability that comes with decades of familiarity, three friends who good-naturedly push each other to go a little further).
     - New York City Jazz Record

...maybe it's for jazz purists, but it's a delight
     - John Fordham for The Guardian

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