Roberta Gambarini / Andrea Donati - Under Italian Skies


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  1. ape regina (alda merini/andrea donati) 6:55
  2. quietati, erba dolce (alda merini/andrea donati) 4:31
  3. 12:00 a.m. (alda merini/andrea donati) 6:12
  4. agrifoglio (alda merini/andrea donati) 4:31
  5. diana (alda merini/andrea donati) 5:2
  6. giovani poeti (alda merini/andrea donati) 4:50
  7. sorella senza nome (alda merini/andrea donati) 5:36
  8. olive d'inverno (alda merini/andrea donati) 6:45
  9. impronte (alda merini/andrea donati) 5:23
  1. il cielo della mia memoria (andrea donati) 5:22
  2. danza dei veli (andrea donati) 5:57
  3. un pernod..., s'il vous plait (andrea donati) 5:45
  4. arimo, i signori (andrea donati) 5:24
  5. lampàre (andrea donati) 7:26
  6. teatro eden (andrea donati) 4:42
  7. per sempre (andrea donati) 5:13
  8. la plage (andrea donati) 4:30
  9. in punta di piedi (andrea donati) 1:49

roberta gambarini vocals
andrea donati acoustic bass

marco brioschi trumpet, fluegelhorn
emmanuel bex hammond organ
carlo virzi drums
federico sanesi talkin' drum, bells, darbuka, murudangam
kal dos santos tamborim, triangle, caixixi, congas
gilson silveira cuica

roberta gambarini all vocals
andrea donati acoustic bass, chapman stick, acoustic bass guitar

gianni coscia accordion
silvio binello soprano sax
carlo virzi drums
federico sanesi tabla, percussion

original concept and arrangements: andrea donati
compositions: andrea donati.
all lyrics by alda merini except "il cielo della mia memoria" - words and music by andrea donati.

produced by andrea donati at maxine studio, milan.

? e © 2009 kind of blue records/recording arts sa

Roberta Gambarini is one of the finest jazz singers in the world, perhaps the finest interpreter of “scat” since Ella Fitzgerald. She headlines the major jazz festivals the world over and is a “rising star” in reader’s polls in Downbeat and Jazz Times.

Andrea Donati is a musician, composer and arranger, highly rated by maestro Ennio Morricone. He has also produced albums by the Nuttree Quartet,
Marco Pereira, Tony Scott and the Los Angeles Jazz Ensemble among others.

Alda Merini is Italy’s greatest living poet.

These 2 CDs were recorded in Italy in the late nineties and re-mixed and re-mastered in 2009. They are Roberta’s and Andrea’s tribute to Italy. Absolutely noteworthy is Roberta’s use of her voice as an “instrument”, creating a tone poem of timeless beauty.

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